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White Wolf, 2017-08-14
29 лет
Москва, Россия

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Тэги: дружба, электронная переписка, романтические отношения

My dear wonder friend,

I hope that sooner or later you find this letter and read it.
I am far-far from you, maybe we are on the opposite points of our planet now. Probably, you are in the middle of one of four oceans now, sharing your boat and time with your best friend – your dog. And also I realize that maybe you will not look at my letter at all, because it is lost somewhere in the ocean of modern internet, like you used to be lost in the real ocean.
But I hope that you are seating in the cabin of your boat listening voices of wind, waves, the creaking of the rigging, and reading these lines :).
I am from Russia and I live in Moscow. Moscow is a typical big city, and frankly speaking, I don’t like living in the city. Sometimes I spend my holiday in a forest, sitting near bonfire and playing guitar, and I enjoy it a lot.
I am fond of sailing and my dream is to buy my own boat and to go sailing as long, as I want. I like playing guitar, collecting different things, trying new hobbies, and discovering new interests. Also I enjoy reading books on psychology, philosophy and travelers, of course. I am a radio-amateur (radio ham) and I have got my own short-wave call sign. I tried to find somebody on the air, who is seeking for a far friend. But all of them are radio-amateurs which have not got enough free time for communication, they just try to contact with different amateurs and then they compete in a number of such contacts.
I like watching fire, stars, and waves. And I am looking for a friend :)
If you wish to write me an answer you can do that in Russian, as well :)
Thank you for reading my letter!